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What is UltraNote Infinity?

UltraNote is a decentralized Open Source Privacy Blockchain Network Offering the most Advanced Digital Version of CASH & Encrypted Privacy Communication. UltraNote is a fungible, secure, decentralised and trustless privacy solution essentially designed for people who understands the value of total Confidentiality. With UltraNote you do not only take control over your freedom to communicate, do business, make payments or browse the web but also shape your financial lifetyle . You and only you control and hold responsibility of your UltraNote Coins, Messages, Payments, Browsing activities or Files.

What happens on UltraNote Stays On UltraNote

On UltraNote whatever you do is kept safe from intrusive eyes through peer to peer encryption(Only the sender & receipient have the keys to access relevant transactions). As a decentralised ecosystem UltraNote has No Central Authority & thus no single point of failure. UltraNote uses advanced cryptographic techniques built on Privacy Blockchain Technology to validate and broadcast transactions without revealing transaction information.

UltraNote transactions are completely Confidential, Untraceable and Anonymous

Why should I use UltraNote Infinity?

There is simply No mainstream service provider which offers as many privacy services like UltraNote does from 1 single application. UltraNote is founded on 3 absolutely game changing techical pillars which give it all it’s raison d’etre and outstanding value proposition:

1- Completely Decentralised Blockchain.

2- Ultimate Privacy Solutions.

3- Multilayer Encryption with Integrated VPN & Tor Network.

With UltraNote you can:

- Execute Anonymous & Untraceable Instant P2P Payments.

- Issue Invoices & Request Anonymous & Untraceable Invoice Payments with QR Code.

- Send Anonymous & Untraceable Self Destruct P2P Blockchain Encrypted Messages.

- Send Anonymous & Untraceable SHA 2048 Encrypted Documents & Files via P2P IPFS Decentralised Protocol.

- Bank like Blockchain Fixed Deposit for 3% annual Interest.

- Execute Anonymous & Untraceable Web Search.

- Browse The Web & DarkWeb on the Tor Network with complete anonymity.

- Mine UltraNote Infinity Coins direclty from Wallets.

With UltraNote you have the peace of mind that all your transactions, messages, confidential documents or browsing activities are anonymous, untraceable and encrypted.

What is UltraNote Infinity Team Mission & Vision?

’’In A World Where Everyone Spies On Each Other, You Have To Be Invisible To Protect Your Privacy’’

Our Vision & Mission is to establish a Decentralised Confidential Communication and Financial solution built specifically for privacy, anonymity, untraceability and most importantly opacity.

By Eliminating the need for a central authority vulnerable to hacking or paving access to censorship and institutional intervention; UltraNote is leveraging blockchain technology to solve multiple well known mainstream services privacy issues. UltraNote is actively developed to provide a better, safer and fairer environment for people to interact and transfer value with complete privacy & freedom.

UltraNote Key Objective

Our Key Objective is to establish UltraNote as a leading privacy blockchain and privacy platform exclusively built around anonymity, untraceability, security, fungibility and opacity. Offering an opaque ecosystem UltraNote ensures that anything that happens on it’s platform is obfuscated from any 3rd party regardless of their hierarchy of authority.

How can I get XUNI coins?

UltraNote Coins are utility coins that we refer to as the fuel necessary to pay for transactions executed on the UltraNote Blockchain. There are 3 ways to get UltraNote Coins.

1st Mining GPU Or CPU (Asic Resistant)

2nd Buying from Miners on Exchanges

3rd Deposit Coins on the blockchain & receive New UltraNote Coins as reward

Who owns UltraNote Infinity project?

In a straight and clear answer, No one owns UltraNote Project. We can only own UltraNote Coins. UltraNote Blockchain is opensource and decentralized. As an Open Source & Decentralised Privacy Solution UltraNote is by default protected against censorship or institutional intervention. Contributions to the UltraNote Project are purely voluntary. UltraNote Project as well as UltraNote Community Do Not own any rights over the contribution made by volunteers towards the project.

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