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Our Mission

UltraNote (XUNI) is a low-cost decentralized blockchain that facilitates a free and independent lifestyle utilizing leading edge Sha 2048 messaging encryption in conjunction with an encrypted IPFS file transfer protocol for near-instantaneous private P2P untraceable transactions. However, UltraNote does not stop there. Within its encrypted untraceable blockchain network, UltraNote provides integrated invoicing for confidential transactions to ensure your personal and private business remains outside the purview of public scrutiny. Anyone, anywhere, at any time can execute instantaneous cross-border private transactions with confidence. No couriers. No 3rd parties. No server costs. No tracking. Confidential. Inexpensive. Instantaneous.

Anonymous & Untraceable Instant P2P Payments

It is well recognised that the serious lack of fungibility is what keeps Bitcoin as well as other similar public ledger Digital Currencies to achieve the highly sought after position of digital cash. On the other hand UltraNote due to it’s privacy blockchain is by default the true definition of Digital Cash. Similar to Cash UltraNote Payments are instant, peer to peer, Anonymous & Untraceable. As much as it is impossible to accurately traceback cash transactions; UltraNote uses CryptoNote Technology to obfuscate financial transactions making them impossible to trace back.

Merchant Invoice System

As a privacy payment solution; It is important for merchants to have the ability to automatically send payment requests as well as issue invoices to clients without having to leave the UltraNote ecosystem. It is thus valuable make UltraNote the most merchant friendly privacycoin by introducing the invoicing system. To request a payment is as easy as filling-in a regular invoice before sending it to the client. Using the QR Code or Pay Invoice function, The invoice details will be automatically filled for the client who simply have to validate the payment.

Anonymous & Untraceable Self Destruct P2P Blockchain Encrypted Messages

The revolutionary concept of blockchain technology has today empowered communities to safely execute highly secured peer to peer financial transactions in a very timely manner. UltraNote is now pushing the blockchain technology applications even further by offering cutting edge Blockchain Encrypted Peer to peer Messaging services. Similar to regular emails like Gmail or Outlook; UltraNote Encrypted Messaging service allows users to edit and send private messages to their contacts. The major difference between Gmail, Outlook and UltraNote Messaging service is the Decentralised Blockchain Encryption structure which is very unique to UltraNote Blockchain. As a Privacy Blockchain Solution it is important to underline that UltraNote Messages also have the Self Destruct Option which will automatically destroy the Encrypted Messages from the blockchain to ensure ultimate confidentiality.

SHA 2048 Encrypted IPFS File Transfer

If you are familar with mainstream email services like Gmail, or Outlook but need the extra layer of privacy that UltraNote offers; you will definitely enjoy UltraNote Messaging & File Transfer services. Similar to emails, UltraNote messaging allows you to send & receive documents as well as media files as attachments. Sending an attachment is as easy as sending an email. UltraNote GUI wallet first automatically encrypts your files in SHA 2048 & then sends the files to the receipient’s GUI wallet via the IPFS Encrypted Decentralised Protocol. While Gmail or other emailing services use centralised servers networks to distribute emails; UltraNote peer to peer network has NO central server thus removing single point of failure risks. On UltraNote you also enjoy a file upload size of 100MB which is 4X larger than any mainstream email service provider (e.g Gmail 25MB).

Blockchain Deposit for 3% annual Interest

UltraNote is a hybrid POW & POS Blockchain which allows UltraNote stakeholders to secure the blockchain by either validating blocks as miners or as stakers. Staking your UltraNote Coins on the UltraNote blockchain is a simple as a Bank Fixed Deposit. You enter the amount of UltraNote Coins you would like to Deposit, Select the duration of the Deposit and validate your deposit. The Blockchain will automatically calculate the amount of Interest to be earned at Maturity and give you the unlock height as well as an approximate date of Maturity. At maturity the Staker can simply withdraw his Deposit with Interest and either Deposit his/ her UltraNote coins again or spend the coins as they wish. The terms of Deposit goes from 0.25% per Month up to a Maximum of 3% per Year.

Anonymous & Untraceable Web Search Engine

It is no news that in this day and age Information is highly valuable and monitoring/ tracking your online searches and activities is how 99.9% of mainstream Search Engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo make millions in profits every year. While there is No Financial Cost in using Google; You are nevertheless paying a much higher price by automatically turning in your Private Information when ’’Googling’’ a new pair of shoes or a new toy for your dog. Collecting information about you and your online activities thus allows Google to provide highly relevant information about you to marketers as well as governments direct access to your privacy. By using UltraNote Search Engine you are simply taking the adequate step to enjoy a surveillance Free Search Engine experience with 0 data collection or Invasion of privacy.

VPN, Tor Browser & DarkWeb Access

Are you curious about the DarkWeb or wish to visit websites that you would prefer to keep Confidential? UltraNote Tor Browser is Exactly what you need. It is perfect for individuals as well as institutions who either have something to hide or in need of online anonymity. UltraNote Tor Browser technology was initially developed for military purposes.It uses advanced data encryption protocols in order to protect your personal data as well as your online privacy. By Enabling Tor Network in your wallet settings; it furthermore activates the integrated VPN (Virtual Private Network) making your online experience much safer than your regular Chrome or Opera browser. UltraNote Tor Browser ensures that your data is securely encrypted along with TorGuard VPN hiding your your “real”, static IP-address by displaying the IP of the VPN server you’re connected to. Simply put No one can know for sure who is accessing what and from where. You instantly become Anonymous & Untraceable. Note: UltraNote Tor Browser should NOT be used for any illicit activity. UltraNote is NOT liable for any inconvenience caused as a result of illicit activites.

Wallet Integrated Mining

UltraNote Blockchain is a Proof of Work (POW) blockchain which by nature relies on it’s miners to secure the ecosystem. In simple terms the more miners working on the blockchain the better it gets for everyone. It is with the idea to develop a well decentralised blockchain network that we integrated a CPU efficient UltraNote mining software directly to the GUI Wallet. Mining UltraNote Coins from the GUI wallet does not require any particular mining equipment or knowledge. Go to Mining, Select the number of Cores you wish to allocate to mining, select your pool and click start mining. We encourage every UltraNote stakeholder regadless of how big or small you are to contribute to the miners network and get rewarded for it. As an ASIC resistant, GPU & CPU efficient blockchain it is possible to mine UltraNote Coins with as little as 1 CPU Core. Mined UltraNote Coins are automatically deposited in your GUI Wallet.

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