Mining Guides

XMRig (CPU) Miner Config

"pool_list": [


"pool_address": "",

"wallet_address": "YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS",

"rig_id": "YOUR_WORKER_NAME",

"pool_password": "x",

"use_nicehash": false,

"use_tls": false, /* Set to true if you are using an SSL port */

"tls_fingerprint": "",

"pool_weight": 1



"currency": "cryptonight_conceal",

Download XMRig

XMR-Stak (GPU+CPU) Miner Config

"pools": [


"url": "",



"keepalive": true,

"nicehash": false,

"variant": "conceal"



Download XMR-Stak

SRBMiner (AMD GPU) Miner Config

Double click on 'guided-setup.bat', and the program will guide you thru the setup process.

Download SRBMiner

XMRigCC (Remote Access XMRig instance)

xmrigDaemon.exe -o -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p YOUR_WORKER_NAME -a cryptonight --variant conceal -k

Download XMRigCC

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